Alton Cade

Multiclass cleric/wizard.


For as long as he can remember, Alton Cade has been obsessed with magic. However, being the son of a poor merchant, it was never possible to pay the tuition necessary to secure an apprenticeship.

But things changed one day when Alton met a group of clerics of Nethys. They told him that wizards’ studies were not the only way to magical understanding – that by serving the god of magic, he could learn as well.

For years, Alton worked in their temple, teaching himself enough of the rituals to pass their admission trials. Then, with access to the clerics’ library, he began his studies in earnest.

He believes that to truly understand magic he must master both the arcane teachings of the wizards, and the divine magic of Nethys herself.

Alton Cade

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